Color Photos from book


All photos in SAE book are B&W.  Here are some color photos of the B&W photos for your reference.

SAE book Fig. 2.4 Various Colors Visible on Tread
Fig. 2.4
SAE book Fi. 4.5 puncture with rusty wires
Fig. 4.5
SAE book Fig 4.14 Puncture with Rusty Wire
Fig. 4.14
SAE Book Fig. 4.15 Rust on Rubber
Fig. 4.15
SAE Book Fig. 4.16 Rust Between Belts
Fig. 4.16
SAE Book Fig. 4.25 Bluing and Abrasion on Bead Face
Fig. 4.25
SAE book Fig. 4.33 rust on rubber
Fig. 4.33
SAE Book Fig. 4.50 Ozone Cracking to Belts
Fig. 4.50